Seit über 40 Jahren Pionier von PDEA®-Erdanker-Systemen (Percussion Driven Earth Anchors)


Castle Hill Photovoltaic Application (4kW) - UK

Project Specification

The proposed 4kW project was to be installed in this very exposed rural location. Due to the high winds experienced in the area and the remoteness of the site, an easily transportable foundation solution was required to safely secure the array.


Anchor testing on site not only allowed the performance of the anchors to be proven but provided the opportunity to guide 7 Energy’s team through the anchor installation process. With loads of 13kN from the small S6 anchor, each system was rapidly installed and loadlocked using a hand-held hydraulic breaker and Manual Stressing Jack. With the anchors securing two lengths of rail running front and back, the array was completed by mounting the K2 Systems frame onto the rail providing a quick and easy solution for this challenging site.