Seit über 35 Jahren Pionier von PDEA®-Erdanker-Systemen (Percussion Driven Earth Anchors)


Geneva Embankment Stabilisation - Switzerland

Project Specification

Excavation of a new drainage channel at the base of this 800m² slope had caused overall instability in this newly created 45° embankment. To prevent further slipping and avoid any future damage to the adjacent drainage channel a permanent solution was urgently required.


Platipus Anchors provided the preferred solution due to the ease of installation in the limited space available and the specified work was carried out in a very short space of time by the experienced installation team of Anteq SA. After re-profiling, the slope was covered with a coir matting, to encourage re-vegetation, and a steel mesh to spread the anchor loads. The main section of the failure along this slope was secured using B6 anchors and on either side of this the smaller B4 and S8 anchors were required, each of these anchors was installed to a depth of 8m and completed with a 750mm steel U-section. Finally, a row of Plati-Drains® were installed to drain water trapped within the slope and help reduce pore water pressure.

Anchor System: S8, B4 & B6 cast iron anchors with 9m x 8/12mm stainless steel wire and stainless steel wedge grips. S8 PlatiDrain® 

Quantity: S8 x 50; B4 x 35; B6 x 60      Design Life: 60 yrs      

Soil Type: Made Ground